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Overview of the Coach in Training (C.I.T.) Program
1)What is the C.I.T. Program?
The Coach in Training Program was designed by the Directors of Coaching to partner current N.H.S.C. coaches with current N.H.H.S. male and female soccer players.
2)What is the role of the coach?
We ask that the coach “lead by example.”  Try to use the C.I.T. as often as possible as an assistant to the team and encourage the C.I.T. to be active and involved.  Remember, the C.I.T. requested to be a part of this program, so he/she is enthusiastic about helping out.
NOTE:  The C.I.T. is NOT considered a co-coach and should never be left alone with the team.
3)What is the role of the C.I.T.?
We ask that the C.I.T. act as a role model to the team members.  Although the C.I.T. is not considered a co-coach, we ask that he/she become as active and involved as possible. 
4) Does every coach have to participate in the C.I.T. Program?
The C.I.T. Program is a voluntary program.  A coach must request to have a C.I.T.  If a coach does not feel comfortable partnering with a C.I.T., he/she will not be provided with one. 
5) If a coach requests a C.I.T., will he/she definitely be provided with one? 
Although our hope is to meet every request, we can not promise that there will be a C.I.T. assigned to every coach that asks for one. 
6) What happens if a C.I.T. is not performing as expected?
If the C.I.T. is not performing as expected, please contact the Director of Coaching, Federico Fiondella, who will assist you with this matter. 
7) How does the coach benefit from having a C.I.T.?
Although the C.I.T. is NOT considered a co-coach, he/she will be able to assist the coach in any way.  One manner in which a C.I.T. can be very helpful is by asking her/him to demonstrate particular skills/techniques at practice.  Also, as a head coach, you may ask the C.I.T. to be in charge of the team warm-up and cool-down.  These are only a few examples of how to effectively use a C.I.T.
8) How does the C.I.T benefit from working with a coach?
The Directors of Coaching feel that there are many N.H.H.S. male and female soccer players who demonstrate the potential to become successful future coaches.  By working with a N.H.S.C. coach, the C.I.T. can experience coaching at a very young age and “learn the ropes.”  Also, the C.I.T. will be able to receive community service hours, which are necessary to graduate from North Haven High School. 
9) Who keeps count of the community service hours that are earned by the C.I.T.?
We ask that each head coach keeps a count of the volunteered hours of service that is provided by the C.I.T.  This includes game time, as well as team practices.  At the end of the season, the Director of Coaching will collect this information from you. 
10) How is the C.I.T. assessed? 
We ask that the head coach complete an assessment form at the end of the season.  NOTE:  This assessment form will only be seen by the Director of Coaching.  It will NOT be given to the C.I.T.